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Fig. 2. Principal Components Analysis results on Mimusops species.jpg (138.99 kB)

Fig. 2. Principal Components Analysis results on Mimusops species occurrence and ecological factors. MK = M. kummel, MA = M. andongensis, OC = Organic carbon, Bio1 = Mean annual temperature, Bio12 = Annual precipitation, Bio13 = Precipitation of the wettest period, Bio14 = Precipitation of the driest period, Bio15 = Precipitation seasonality.

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posted on 2021-04-13, 11:09 authored by Gisèle K.Sinasson, Charlie M. Shackleton, Oscar Teka, Brice Sinsin

Understanding the niche and habitat requirements of useful and threatened species, their shifts under climate change and how well protected areas (PAs) preserve these habitats is relevant for guiding sustainable management actions. Here we assessed the ecological factors underlying the distribution of two multipurpose and threatened species, Mimusops andongensis and M. kummel, in Benin, and potential changes in the suitable habitats covered by PAs, under climate change scenarios. Fifty seven occurrence points were collected for M. andongensis and 81 for M. kummel.